Small satellites

We view small satellites as the future for a number of applications like telecommunication, space exploration and technology validation.
Small satellites are simple, versatile and very competitive in terms of performance and development time.
Their market is expanding very quickly.



Market needs small satellite platforms able to transmit in high speed big amount of data at superior resolution


Market needs small satellite platforms easy to decommission to avoid space debris impact

Our Solution

We are developing a new generation of nanosatellites, combining an innovative mechanical structure with an advanced communication system, enabling smaller budget to share bigger amount of information in a sustainable way.

Our innovative solutions are built using light-weight materials, and mitigate the space debris problem guaranteeing the structure full melting when re-entering the atmosphere.

Advanced small satellites

lighter, sustainable, performant
and easy to build!

Polymeric modular structure for small satellites

Miniaturized Ka-Band radio for small satellites