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PICOSATS S.r.l. successfully closes further investment round, strengthening its commitment to the development of innovative space technology

Jul 11, 2023 | News

PICOSATS S.r.l., a leading satellite telecommunications company spin-off of the University of Trieste, is pleased to announce the closing of its second investment round of €2.13 million.

The investment round, in which LIFTT S.p.A., Progress Tech Transfer and Galaxia – Il Polo Nazionale di Trasferimento Tecnologico per l’Aerospazio di CDP Venture Capital Sgr, raised a significant sum, which will enable PICOSATS to continue to innovate and develop advanced technological solutions in the space sector.

This new capital injection represents a vote of confidence in PICOSATS’ growth potential and strengthens the company’s position as a leader in the satellite telecommunications sector. The funds raised will be used to expand research and development activities, enhance the technology infrastructure, and expand commercial operations. The company aims to achieve several goals, including demonstrating the Ka-band technology developed with the support of the Italian and European Space Agencies through an in-orbit mission in collaboration with D-Orbit S.p.A. In addition, it is working on the development of a modem that enables high data rates.

PICOSATS has demonstrated continued success in providing innovative solutions that are opening up new horizons in satellite communication. The telecommunications systems developed by the company will revolutionise access to space, offering greater flexibility and lower costs than traditional technologies.

Press release (pdf, in Italian)