Miniaturized Ka-Band radio for small satellites


Miniaturized Ka-Band radio for small satellites, able to both transmit and receive data at high speed and superior resolution.

Based on a very performant transceiver and related antenna designed and miniaturized to be placed on small satellites, our telecommunications system will equipe small satellites with a technology comparable to larger satellites in terms of communication performances, maintaining the low cost and flexibility of small satellites.

The project started in 2016 and is currently ongoing.



Operation in Ka-band
DVB-S2 compliant with minimum 20Mbps of data rate
1 W of RF power
Use of Careful COTS is maximized
Power consumption under 25 W

miniaturised system

Mass less than 2 kg
Volume less than 1.5U

Supported by ESA

Supported by ESA

PICOSATS RADIOSAT project is supported by ESA in the framework of the activity Miniaturised Ka-band FSS Transponder for Small Satellites (contract 4000117224/16/UK/AD)